Heal Symptoms of Inflammation and Autoimmunity

  • Do you have an overall sense of not feeling your best and it’s become your “normal”?
  • Are you exhausted? Frequently sick?  Chronic aches and pains?
  • Do you feel like being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease is a lifetime sentence?
  • Are you wondering if you can stop it before it gets worse?

Hashimotos. Graves Disease. Rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus. Irritable bowel disease. Psoriasis. And many more. Perhaps you are one of the millions suffering and not knowing what to do. I help you take action to strengthen and support your immune system and reclaim your health.

The Facts:

Autoimmune disease is now an epidemic, affecting over 23 million people in this country, with an annual healthcare cost of $120 billion —  and the numbers are growing.  People who have one autoimmune condition are three times more likely to contract another.  While there is still a lot we don’t know, researchers now believe autoimmune conditions stem from a combination of genetic susceptibility, the right environmental triggers and intestinal impermeability.

What we know for certain is that all autoimmune conditions are connected by one central thing – a runaway-immune response that results in your body attacking its own tissues.

Is there a way tone down or even turn off the autoimmune response? YES – you can calm your immune system and allow your body to heal – before more damage is done.

My Approach:

With a functional nutrition approach, I work with you to just do that: regulate your immune system, reduce inflammation and help your body heal itself.

I show you how to use food as medicine  — which foods are healing, which are harming; how to support and repair your gut; and optimize your liver’s natural healing ability.  I also work with you on simple lifestyle changes and supplements that will make the biggest difference in your health.  Together, we create your own personal healing plan. I support you all the way. You CAN feel good again.  Don’t give up hope!  Most of all, don’t wait for it to get worse before intervening!

“As someone who has personally suffered with an autoimmune disease, I know your struggle. My passion to help others comes from my own experience. At a particularly stressful time in my life, I was diagnosed with both Graves and Hashimotos autoimmune thyroid disease. Needless to say, I existed on a roller coaster ride – alternating between hyper and hypo thyroidism – feeling sluggish and then “tired” but wired. I was alternately on thyroid suppressant drugs and thryoid supplemental hormones. These medications were good bridges to control my symptoms – But WHY was this happening in the first place?  Why was my body so out of balance? Could I get it back into balance?  This began my journey to heal myself. It took time and effort but today I feel healthier and more energetic; take no medications at all, and my antibodies for Hashimotos are completely gone.”

– To your health, Mady


I offer 2 ways to start addressing your Autoimmune condition. See below the options that will best suit your needs.

Autoimmune Consultations:

With a minimum of 2 consulting sessions I will give you an assessment and a plan that is right for you. Many of my clients go on to take my 90 Day Autoimmune Recovery Intensive below.

90 Day Autoimmune Recovery Intensive:

We will work together to transform your health. This program offers up front savings and a well-planned path to health. I work side by side with you, and can team up with your other practitioners as well.

What’s Included:

  • 6 one-on-one Sessions
  • Customized Food Plan
  • Customized Lifestyle Plan
  • Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Menu Planning
  • Customized Supplement Program
  • Unlimited support and guidance
  • Education and more education
  • A dedicated partner in your health and recovery

"When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I was feeling frantic. Mady led me through a plan to reduce inflammation and help my immune system, and showed me how tap into my own body’s healing wisdom. Mady was with me all the way – warm, caring and professional. I will be forever grateful to her!"

− Sharon Treiger

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