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I’m Mady Wolf MS, CN, a Los Angeles-based certified nutrition expert. My mission is to use my extensive training and background in functional nutrition to give you the tools, knowledge and support that will help you live your most vibrant and healthy life.

"I am feeling great - my pain is significantly less, and I'm more clear headed. I have lost 4-5 pounds but more importantly so much of the swelling in my body has gone down. I’m feeling less puffy and achy. I am overall feeling SO much better. Thank you!!"

− Mallika Chopra

"When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I was feeling frantic. Mady led me through a plan to reduce inflammation and help my immune system, and showed me how tap into my own body’s healing wisdom. Mady was with me all the way – warm, caring and professional. I will be forever grateful to her!"

− Sharon Treiger

"I’d never done a cleanse so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first few days were challenging, but Mady’s support kept me on track. I was honest when I was having trouble and and she was right there for me. Mady’s encouragement and realistic advice kept me grounded so I could be successful. "

− Susan Corwin

"I now have zero heartburn or bloating after Mady helped me to figure out what was causing my digestive distress. As a bonus, I’ve lost 5 pounds without eating less. I accomplished this in three sessions – something I hadn’t accomplished before in 10 years!"

− Mark Gallegos


Tasty Greens Soup

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Tasty Greens Soup   Serves 6 Here’s a recipe that I love to make when I’m looking for something warming and healthy.  Or I’m just not in the mood to eat salad or veggies but I am in the mood to…

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