A healthy gut is a foundation of optimal wellness

Do you dream of one day not worrying about digestive woes like:

  • Food sensitivities?
  • Irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Reflux?
  • Constipation or excessive gas and bloating?

I will show you how poor digestive health does not have to be your norm.

The Facts:

When your digestive system is purring, you feel great. When it’s not, you feel lousy: bloated, cramped, gassy, in pain, and plagued by food sensitivities. Like the pain of irritable bowel syndrome, which affects 60 million Americans, two-thirds of them women.

Good digestion should be as natural as eating.  But it often is not. What you may not know is that if you are not addressing your digestive problems now, down the road you could be dealing with health consequences. Poor digestive health can lead to food intolerances, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune disease and general sluggishness as it is more difficult for your body to convert food into energy! Your digestive tract is linked to a strong immune system. And, there are brain-influencing factors linked to your your digestive tract so that many experts have dubbed it the “second brain. Just two more good reasons to pay attention to your gut!

My Approach:

I work with you to support the root factors contributing to digestive health.

We focus on foods that will heal your gut, remove harmful foods, identify food sensitivities and address imbalances, intestinal impermeability and potential pathogens.

I work with you so you can potentially wean yourself off of the pills you may take to quiet your symptoms.  There are 120 million Americans who spend $14 billion a year on acid-suppressing drugs!  I focus on using natural, easy methods to unblock the path to optimal digestion.

There is nothing greater you can do for your health than to tune up your digestive tract so you can experience the vitality and quality of life you deserve.

“Way back in college I had IBS, the most common GI disease affecting young women. I was feeling stressed (although today I can’t quite remember what about) and I was aware enough to know that my stress exacerbated my symptoms. It wasn’t unusual for me to be sequestered in a basement bathroom in a remote university building, feeling like I might never see the light again. I never knew what would make my IBS act up, so I decided to eat one thing only every day – frozen yogurt (that was back in the day that frozen yogurt was a semi-new invention) topped with trail mix. Of course, that only made the situation worse. Fast forward many (yes many) years, and one of my great passions is working with people with digestive concerns. This is not only because I remember the difficulties and pain I faced, but because I now know how a humming digestive tract is the foundation of health for so many disease states. Whether you’re experiencing an obvious digestive woes, or whether you are facing an autoimmune disease, weight loss resistance, or mood issues, if you address your gut health, you will address your general health at all levels. I love staying on top of the latest research showing that connection, and learning about new and exciting developments. This has fueled my passion for helping people support their digestive health.”

– To your health, Mady


I offer 2 ways to start addressing your digestive health.  See below for the options that will best suit your needs.

Digestive Health Consultations

With a minimum of 2 consulting sessions I will give you an assessment and a plan that is right for you. Many of my clients go on to take my 6 Week Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life Digestive Turnaround below.

6 Week Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life: Digestive Turn Around

This is for you if you want to commit to resetting your digestive system and getting it back on track; if you understand that a challenged digestive tract means a challenge to your overall health. This is for you are ready to do what it takes to live a better quality life.

What’s Included:

  • 6 one-on-one sessions with me
  • Personalized meal plan designed to reduce inflammation, heal your digestive system and maximize your gut’s good bacteria
  • Recipes
  • A personalized supplement plan
  • Easy everyday tips to optimize your digestion and reduce bloating, gas and pain
  • A step by step plan for addressing trigger foods – may include lab testing and/or testing by diet – to find out which foods are contributing to weight loss resistance, digestive woes, and other symptoms
  • Education about why poor digestion is related to EVERYTHING – mood, cognition, energy, and many diseases
  • Coaching on non-food lifestyle challenges that affect your digestion and overall health.

"I am truly grateful to Mady Wolf for providing nutritional services after I had a partial removal of my small intestine. She is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She has played a significant role in my healing process. It has been a difficult and lengthy recovery. Thank you Mady!"

− Kathy Teachenor

"I now have zero heartburn or bloating after Mady helped me to figure out what was causing my digestive distress. As a bonus, I’ve lost 5 pounds without eating less. I accomplished this in three sessions – something I hadn’t accomplished before in 10 years!"

− Mark Gallegos

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