Why Do Most People Lose Weight on a Detox Program?

Spring time is almost here – a great time to detox and launch a weight loss program!   Why do you lose weight on a cleanse?  Of course when you are juicing for 3-5 days, you are taking calories waaay down, so you will lose the weight.   But what about when you do a cleanse like my 14 Day Feel Great and Lose Weight detox?  You are eating, along with drinking smoothies, even snacking, and not cutting back on calories.

When we clean up our toxic overload with a supportive, nutritional cleanse, you are also addressing weight loss resistance.  When we have toxic waste that we can’t get rid of, we get sick and fat!  A good part of the answer lies in knowing how toxic triggers (from chemicals, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics in our food and environment) affect the many parts of our body that are involved in weight management

  1. Thyroid receptors.  Since our thyroid is the gas pedal for our body, toxins can cause our metabolic rate to slow down.  When we clean up, we rev up!
  2. Mighty Mitochondria.  These cells are our energy generating powerhouses.  When toxins increase oxidative stress on our mitochondria, they interfere with fat burning, so when we reduce the toxic load, we burn fat more efficiently.
  3. Appetite Control Hormones.  Toxins can interfere with appetite control hormones that generate signals to our body about how much to eat and when to stop.  For example, we have a hormone called LEPTIN, which is the hormone that helps us to register feeling full.  If it’s not working well, you won’t know when to stop eating!  If it’s in working order, it’s easier to feel satisfied.
  4. Blood sugar.  On a good, well structured cleanse, we are also eating foods that will keep your blood sugar stable.  When we eat foods that quickly spike your blood sugar, we are sending messages to your body to store fat – particularly around our muffin top middle!  When we take those foods out, we are more likely to shed that belly fat!
  5. Lastly, we often store toxins in fat cells.  By eliminating toxins we are also eliminating fat!

Keep an eye out for the next Wolf Nutrition Feel Great and Lose Weight 14 Day cleanse – dates to be announced!  

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