To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

The holiday season is upon us! It’s the time of year when so many of us want to deck the halls not only with holiday spirit but with rich meals, sweet desserts and alcohol.  I typically get lots of inquiries right after New Years — about weight loss and the desire to do something to reset after overindulging.  I often get asked, should I do a detox?  And do I believe in them?  The short answer is Yes, but here are some additional thoughts….

Why cleanse or detox?

In general, whether it’s post-holiday or any other time of year, many of us just don’t feel our best. We may experience annoying but not life changing symptoms like low energy, skin breakouts, aches and pains, bloating or headaches. We may be caught in a cravings cycle, or experience slow metabolism and weight gain.  Some of us might be more seriously affected by autoimmune or digestive issues.   Certain foods may be contributing to these issues. And the inconvenient truth is that most of us ingest toxins — through chemically laden foods, pollution or skin products.  Fortunately we have a natural detoxification system, but sometimes it needs help to do its job well in the face of toxic overload.  I view cleansing or detoxing as this support.  It’s like taking an internal shower.  We take external showers — why not cleanse our insides by eliminating what’s not serving us and adding in what will?

The “detox” label is used to describe so many approaches — from clean, healthy eating to a juice fast to a supportive cleanse where food and nutrients enhance your body’s natural detox capabilities.  This last type is what I offer.  In my opinion, healthy, clean eating is always going to make a difference, but it won’t get the quick detoxification results that a cleanse can.  A juice fast might make you feel lighter, but you can only do it for a few days and I do get concerned with the high sugar content of some juice cleanses.

A supportive detoxification program, like my Lose Weight and Feel Great Cleanse, provides nourishing, vitalizing nutrients that ramp up your your body’s largest detoxification organ – your liver –  so it can can do its job optimally.   This approach, along with eliminating inflammatory, sugary and chemically laden foods, goes a long way to rejuvenating your insides, resetting habits, and ultimately supercharging your health and helping you to feel great.

Many of us don’t connect what we eat to how we feel.  Once you finish a cleanse, you typically see all kinds of benefits — better energy, fewer aches and pains, easier weight loss, less gas and bloating, and better mood and sleep.  Some people just wake up feeling more alive and full of energy.

My Feel Lose Weight and Feel Great Cleanse

I’m offering my two-week, you don’t go hungry, Lose Weight and Feel Great Cleanse in a supportive group setting starting on January 21st.   If a two-week detox is not for you, for the first time I’m also offering a 7 day DIY Ditch the Sugar and Get Rid of Belly Fat Protocol.  This will be a quick and easy DIY tune up — a way to empower healthy eating and launch yourself in a new direction.

Stay tuned for more info on cleansing and reducing the holiday bloat….

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